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The RetroDolls

Ace Retro Rating Community

Ace Retro Rating Community
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to our elite retrofabulous rating community!

If you have an overwhelming interest in everything vintage, this is the community for you! Not only is this community to share photographs and style tips, it's to talk about events or happenings in your town! Both guys n' dolls are welcome!

Rules for Applicants

You must post your application within 24 hours of joining. Why join if you're not going to post anything?

♠ This is not a dumping grounds for cheap quality web cam photographs. We are celebrating style, pizzaz, your splendor, and, of course, high heels. Submit well-lit, flattering shots - figure out your best angles. Maybe we can help.

No nudity for dames under 18. I don't want to see your young boobies... yet.

♣ You may not comment on any other entry except your own application until you have your accepted stamp. Obviously, you may not post any entries until you are accepted!

NO LURKING. Lurkers will be banned.

Rules for Members

Feel free to say whatever your little black heart desires in your votes, but do not say "undecided".

♠ If you are leaving the community, make a farewell post, please. It helps your mod keep track of who's where in here.

When posting more than one photograph, place the rest behind an Livejournal cut. You should know how to use them. If not, check Livejournal FAQ's.

♣ Promote every once in a while! We always need new faces.

Post every now and then. Inactivity is boring for everyone!

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Application for Non-Members
(Please post at least three darling photos of yourself as well as this application below.)

» swankorama

Accepted Members (38)

» __ego
» _hellkitten
» alexa_rose
» amy_van_doren
» biancasboudoir
» bettywannabe
» cantarella
» celina_ashley
» cherrybrat
» curetpillargirl
» dapper_dave
» evademure
» fauxxcore
» flowersrotting
» just_bfore_dawn
» littlemissrisk
» lulu_is_dead
» mai_mischief
» missburlesque
» monstersmate
» msannabellelee
» nightsdarkagent
» nocturnalpinup
» oi_you_yeah_you
» pandoras_bliss
» _meow13_
» purplelucrezia
» rhiannonmars
» rockin_cherry
» ruxquiero
» sbmstars
» sprawl
» swing_canary
» thrifty_me
» thepinupwh0re
» touch_me_naked
» velvetdebris
» victoria_lane
» vienna_la_rouge
» wasted__youf
» xhorror_kittenx

Rejected Members
» ___peroxideblow
» amberray
» dry_your_eyes91
» coma__girl
» ecilia
» ecta
» lykewoah____x
» monstermoviefan
» red_cherry_slut
» triggered_gun
» laura_okay
» wreckingdoll
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