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I haven't posted in here for quite some time. I haven't had much opportunity to be playing around in communities as I've severely cut down on the kinds of things I can share in them due to work.

But this weekend, a program will be airing on the Discovery Channel that I was part of and it's a period documentary about Dillinger. I spent the day filming out at a ranch here in LA used for shooting films, TV, videos and such called Sable Ranch. It's a very strange mixture of a run down ranch, a partially built town, a field of WWII airplanes cut open for filming, and the most blasé animals I've ever encountered.

We did the live action shots for the documentary, which is a forensic quest into the truth of his death, recreating Dillinger's womanizing and the small towns in the mid west he'd terrorize. Discovery Channel was given final cut rights so none of us knows what made it in and what didn't. I may or may not actually be in footage. That's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. But I had a blast and I think the questions regarding Dillinger's death are intriguing.

I'm including the digital postcard the production company sent me which has all the information. (Yes, they spelled premiere wrong.) The show airs this Saturday night. It will no doubt run over and over for the following months.

If this isn't appropriate to share here, then I apologize. It isn't my intent to be rude.

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