Finally cleaned out my closet!

Hey everyone!

I'm finally done cleaning out my closet and I have some great stuff up that you may be interested in but especially this beautiful Stop Staring Red Siren dress starting at 99 cents! 

I also have a cute Versatile Fashions 22 inch corset/skirt combo, PVC nurse outfit, vintage sailor dress, EC Star, SERIOUS and much more.  Everything starts at 99 cents or a penny. 

CLICK HERE to check out my stuff!


Okay, so I wasn't pumped that someone hacked my MySpace account, but it gets worse:

Someone is calling themselves my name and claiming to be me. What the hell?? So, for anyone who doesn't know, the Snorlax Pwned that is in my littlemissrisk url on MySpace is the hacked profile and the tristan risk one is a total fake.

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Humongous Sale at Stop Staring

If you're in Los Angeles or gonna be in Los Angeles this weekend, this is so worth going to.

I just got back from the BEST SALE EVER at Stop Staring in downtown LA.  They have almost all of their dresses on sale in every size.  I went there this morning and spent way too much money but I did walk out with 2 trashbags full of beautiful retro/rockabilly dresses.  They even have an under $50 room with some great clothing.  The folks there informed me they have a warehouse full of stuff and will continue filling their sale racks until everything is gone so I highly recommend you go.  


December 7th from - 10am - 5pm

December 8th from - 10am - 5pm

December 9th from - 10am - 3pm

Stop Staring! 850 S. Broadway suite 804

Los Angeles, CA. 90014

Corner of Broadway and 9th St


You can visit their site




I'm starting to slowly change my hair from black to strawberry blonde and eventually back to my natural blonde hair. Here's a pretty good picture of my hair right now. And I like how my makeup looks today :)

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Eyebrows- Benefit Brow Zing:Dark with MAC Eyebrows:Strut on top
Eyeshadow- MAC:Silver Ring and Shroom
Lipstick- MAC:Fresh Moroccan (Frost)

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Here's a photo of me from last weekend at a fetish night. I just felt like sharing.

And before anyone asks what is on my boobies, they are pink and orange orchid pasties.


I finally received the pictures from the photoshoot I did with Raphael ( in January. Here are a couple of photos from the first series.
The colour modifications were done by me.

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